My illicit affair 

Pet Parents

Those of you who have indulged will know exactly what this post ‘My illicit affair’ means… it has to do with puppy love, of the real-puppy kind… 

I can’t resist puppies, of late we have quite a few pups in our neighbourhood….. so, as you’d expect I tend to hang around with them…

When I get back home to my two they give a thorough (suspicious) sniff over and as certain scents are picked up nostrils flare agitation increases!! This gets repeated as many times as I may step out and return… with each sniff mentioning names of those whose scent they are picking up doesn’t seem to appease … hue of guilt overcomes the upbeat mood of time well spent!

It is not any easier outside to openly love the lil pooches of the community (Strays) … Most onlookers glare at you, shoo at the ones enjoying a rare moment of human affection, if you’re not s0 lucky they offer you sermons about how unsafe your affection is making the place for all the little kids of the society (this often is a case of grown ups hiding their own fear in the name of kids, kids who are usually itching to get friends with the neighbourhood dog), ranting on society WA groups, putting boards, posters et all discouraging compassion (Oh well they’d surely say compassion is a virtue, as long as it’s directed towards them for anyone else far away from society premises please!)

As I pet play or feed these amazing creatures I do it with sense of risk (of being caught) and exhilaration (of managing to do so without being caught!)… it gives me a sense of being involved in an illicit affair!!

Feeling that is reaffirmed as I get home 😉





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