pawed for life!

Pet Parents

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when her pups came, I understood Love…

she’d sit like this next to her pups all the time, till they started to tumble out of the basket and all around her, she barely stirred from her watch

all of 28 days she kept a tight watch around them, took care of them; fed, cleaned, monitored who could come close…

one of the politest mommies she made … if she didn’t want someone near her babies she’d just lie across the path or block movement with her body to leave her pack alone!

I know they say animals (dogs) don’t remember their offspring/ parents, I see to the contrary; to this day 9 years on she “mothers” one of the pup that stayed on with us, he never gets to forget he’s living with Mom!

It is more amazing to see the similar nurturing amongst my community pets (strays?!) the mother continues to be the ‘parent’ till they are all together and in her absence – due to rash driving or becoming a mother to 5/6 pups while she herself is a puppy or anything else – the older siblings, sometimes a male in the group just starts to foster the pups – they adopt!

…….. yep, I could see and understand better, its easier as¬†grandparents!