train your folks well …

#WhatILearntFrommyDogs, Pet Parents

It is all about survival, yes, but the difference lies in the ‘how?’

You know I have often found folks who are wise and well meaning in positions of authority ….but often the meaning of their messages can leave you cold, disengaged – careful observation shows it is all in the ‘how?’ and not just the ‘what?’ or even the ‘who?’ that a message may make its mark or not.

When you work with a team that is a good skill to have – the ‘how?’ of doing and saying things.

Living with a pack demonstrates you train those well upon whom your food, safety, shelter depend … can vouch they have done a splendid job, got me waiting paw n fur!

mee pawed

#WhatILearntfrommyDog though can’t say they had the right method; I was pawed into submission